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Nude Art

ALL of our print are original photos, we do NOT sell mass produced prints.

Most of our prints is available on different print media,

ranging from poster prints on photo paper to prints on aluminium plates

For most of our pictures, we will be able to offer your other choices than those presented in the web-shop

If you have special requests - or would like a quote for a lager number of pictures,

please let us know via the contact sheet.

Prints on paper

Prints on paper is our "economy" solution.

Our paper prints are made on high quality photo paper in one of Europes best photo labs

DiBond Alu Plate

Our preferred print media.

DiBond ALu Plate is two aluplate laminated outside on a plastic core. The result is a very sturdy plate that is easy to hang on the wall.

The print occurs in a pleasing matte finish and are extremely good for back and white prints

We deliver the Alu Plate incl. mounting and stabilizing rails on the backside

Backprinted Acrylic plate

Teese photos will be printed on the backside of an acrylic plate, finished with a white layer.

The result is a glossy print.

For mounting this print, we recommend the studs which places the print about 2,5 cm, from the wall.

Gallery Print

Combines the sturdiness from DiBiond Alu Plate and the glossy expression from the Backprinted Acrylic Plate

Calendars - Photo Quality

Most of our calendars are printed on high quality photo paper which gives detailed pictures with a good depth.

The quality of the print means that you can easily cut out the prints and mount them i a frame when the year is over

Calendars - Digital print

Our most affordable calendars are printed on sturdy carton in a process called digital print.

The quality of the pictures are good, but not as detailed and exclusive as on the photo quality calendars


Rails are used for both stabilizing the prints and for hanging the prints on the wall.

Cab be delivered on DiBond ALu Plate and Gallery Print


Studs are an exclusively looking mounting, which puts your print about 2,5 vcm. from the wall.

Can be delivered on Backprinted Acrylic Plate, DiBond ALu Plate and Gallery Print

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